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Charis Woods Academy

Charis Woods Academy is a PACE Based, Homework Free, Year Round Program that provides a nurturing environment for youth who ‘think outside the box’. You may have a Capricious, Checked-out, Collective or Curious Child. If so, -then- Charis Woods Academy may be for you! What is Charis Woods Academy? The goal of Charis Woods Academy is to provide a nurturing atmosphere that encourages youth to excellence both at school and at home. It is a…

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The Checked-out Child

For the Checked-out Child: Do you have a child who sometime seems to be in ‘a melancholy state’? This child may be dealing with something as simple as boredom or as serious as bullying at school. Is your child: Experiencing bullying or other peer induced negative behaviors at school or elsewhere? Showing boredom or shutting-down during school, at church or at home? Beginning to resist correction or discipline at home and/or at school? Exhibiting anger,…

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